The Grind

Sustainable Branding and Packaging

The Grind is sustainable coffee shop chain in Seattle, WA.

Dedicated to the fine art of coffee making, The Grind sources and procures high quality, organic, Certified Fair Trade coffee, and prides itself in its 100% natural approach. From roasting to grinding to brewing, the good people at The Grind cherish the magical bean in all its glory. We were tasked with creating a complete brand identity, as well as packaging for their carefully curated grinds, to distinguish them from their competitors, and promote their love for pure, beautifully brewed coffees.

It was important that the new identity reflected and supported the brand's ethos rooted is sustainability and fair business practices that was good for people, planet and profit.

Research and Strategy

We began the process with an in-depth research by conducting audience research, a competitive brand audit, and unearthing the core brand story. We wanted to champion their dedication to sustainability throughout the entire system. From fair-trade, organic, and locally produced ingredients, to adopting a mindful approach to the single-use, on-the-go coffee shop culture, The Grind was fully committed to reducing their impact on the planet, and the customers appreciated that.

Logo System

We designed a dynamic logo system that could be used across various collaterals. The adaptable system consists of three core elements: the logotype, an illustrated coffee plant, and a pastel colour palette.


Simplified Logo

Main Logo

Colour Palette

Composite logo


Coffee Icons

Sustainable Packaging

We also designed the packaging for their beans and grinds. It was crucial that the packaging matched the sustainability imperative of the brand, so we explored various options. We chose compostable take-away coffee cups, and all in-store disposables were plastic-free alternatives.

We settled on two packaging options: a compostable paper pouch for the whole beans, and a reusable metal tin for the grinds. We also designed colour-coded labels for the variety of beans offered.

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