Your mental healthcare companion

The Challenge

Teens and young adults find themselves at a high risk of suffering from mental illnesses. However, with the stigma surrounding the topic of mental health and the lack of access to health care professionals, less than 20% of those at risk will seek help.

Research and Insights

There is a mental health epidemic, and the number paint a dire picture. Mental disorders affect 22.2 per 1000 population among 15-24 years. Yet, less than 20% of those suffering will receive the help they need. The topic of mental illness continues to be a social taboo, and the stigmatisation of mental illness hinders treatment.

So how do we help the youth get the treatment they need?

To discover the truths, taboos, and fear surrounding mental health, we spoke to people from all walks of life. With mounting stress, uncertainty, and rapidly changing lifestyles, young consumers wanted an easy, digitally-powered ally to help maintain mental health.

Key Points of Action

The Outcome

MindSpace is a mental healthcare solution aimed at school and college students. We created a system with both online and offline touchpoints that adopts a holistic approach to mental health, helping students to assess, care for, and restore their mental well-being.

The comprehensive system focuses on providing easy access to mental healthcare professionals for students, while building student networks and communities that strive to provide the means and space for students to have discussions around mental health care. Collaboration with educational institutes and youth groups allows for establishing on-campus protocols for prevention, early detection, and timely treatment.

Proposed System


Your mental healthcare companion

The MindSpace mobile app is designed to equip the students with unhindered access to mental healthcare. A digitally powered ally on the journey to mental wellness, the app provides instant and remote access to mental healthcare professionals (HCPs) at your fingertips.

Key Features

  • Daily mood-charting
  • Digitised medical records
  • Instant messaging and Video Calling features for instant, remote access to assigned HCPs
  • Easy scheduling of appointments with HCPs, with option of remote sessions.

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